Instrumental Skills

Liquid Chromatography and hyphenation techniques (HPLC-UV, HPLC-MS, TLC)

Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS)

Spectroscopy (ATR-IR, UV, NIR)

Synthesis Skills

Stationary phases for solid phase extraction (SPE) by different polymerization processes

Free radical co-polymerisation techniques in combination with template molecules („Molecularly imprinted polymers“)

Method Development/Data Analysis/Supervision

Method Development for High Performance Liquid Chromatography especially RP-HPLC

Sample preparation using solid phase extraction

Process optimization using design of experiments (DoE)

Internships in chemical and medicinal industry (quality control, product approval, productpreparation)

Experience and knowledge in writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for medicinal products manufacturing

Supervison of bachelor/master/diploma theses

Software Skills

Microsoft Office (Microsoft Corporation)

Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Inc.)

Chemstation (Agilent Technologies)

LCMSsolution (Shimadzu)

FlexControl and FlexAnalysis (Bruker)

Design Expert (Stat-Ease)

Origin (OriginLab Corp.)

Inventor (Autodesk)

The Unscrambler X (CAMO Software)


HTML basic knowledge

proALPHA (proALPHA Business Solutions GmbH)

Further Qualifications

ECDL – European Computer Driving License

Entrepreneurial Driving License of the Austrian Economic Chambers

Certificate “Drittmittelmanagement”, University of Innsbruck